In 2020, the John R. Peterson (JRP) Foundation was established with the mission to ensure better, longer lives for companion animals. The Foundation strives to tackle and alleviate those conditions that cause animals to be placed into shelters and rescues. Here is a milestone timeline of the JRP Foundation’s work.

  • February 2020

    The John R. Peterson Foundation is established with a mission to ensure better, longer lives for companion animals.
  • San Deigo Zoo

    July 2020

    The John R. Peterson Trust donates $1M dollars to the San Diego Zoological Society. This amazing gift will fund a veterinary residency program at the San Diego Zoo.
  • Oct 2020

    JRP Foundation was a major sponsor of the largest pet rescue flight in history, organized to alleviate the challenges faced by shelters in Hawaiian islands due to the strict lockdown from COVID-19 pandemic. The flight carried over 600 dogs and cats from quarantined shelters landed in Boeing field, Seattle, where receiving rescuers were waiting.

  • December 2020

    Partnering with Greater Good Charities, the foundation starts a free cat and dog sterilization initiative in Hawaii. Eight high volume spay and neuter clinics are completed across the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai in 2021.
  • Aug 2021

    Dr. Laura Bunke

    2021 - 2024

    John R. Peterson Foundation Veterinary Resident

  • Aug 2021

    The John R. Peterson Foundation provides funding to renovate and equip the Ringworm Treatment building on the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue South Carolina campus. The building becomes fully operational in December 2022.
  • June 2022

    Medical assistance initiative for under-resourced communities kicks off on the islands of Hawaii and Kauai to help pets receive medical care where financial constraints limit access to veterinary care.
  • July 2022

    The foundation partners with the San Diego Humane Society to provide veterinary assistance through the CARE program to families who are otherwise unable to afford medical care.
  • December 2022

    The foundation expands the sterilization initiative with its partnership with Pet Fix organization to offer free spay and neuter clinics on the island of Hawaii.

  • March 2023

    The foundation adds education to the sterilization initiative by providing local animal rescue organization, Aloha Ilio, the funding to start a public awareness campaign within the community of Hawaii on the benefits of spay and neuter.  The goal is to promote responsible pet ownership and education with communities to prevent future health issues.